Drake Stratton


Listing Specialist

Drake comes from a small town in Arizona. He was an electrician for 5 years before deciding to take a leap of faith, going into a field of work he wasn’t familiar with but something he always knew he would adapt to quickly and enjoy- sales. Drake didn’t look back after deciding to focus on Real Estate and has loved every aspect of being in this industry. “One of my goals is to own 10 rental properties, creating passive income.” Further evidence of his determination and driven personality is his goal to “compete in a men’s physique bodybuilding show because of my passion toward the gym, creating a new way to push my limitations for self-discipline.” Although, the priority for him right now is to become the #1 agent for RHouse Realty!

Fun Facts

What are your top 3 hobbies, interests, etc?

The gym, team roping (his family always had horses and it was something he and his dad loved doing together), and traveling.

What's one goal you're constantly striving to achieve?

Financial freedom.

What town are you originally from?

Snowflake, Arizona