Chelsea Burtner


Listing Escrow Manager

During the 2003-2007 housing boom, Chelsea was introduced to real estate in Las Vegas and on her 18th birthday, she became a licensed Real Estate professional- with “drive and zero fear”. When the market fell in 2007, Chelsea moved to Arizona and, following forays into nursing, bartending, and property and casualty adjusting for the insurance industry, she obtained her Arizona real estate license in 2018. Starting out in residential sales, Chelsea later joined us at R·House Realty as the Listing Escrow Manager, where she has the critically important role of negotiating contracts. She believes “This is an ever-evolving real estate market so you must be adaptable!” With her broad professional background and eagerness to learn, Chelsea is a valuable asset to our team and clients.

Fun Facts

What attracted you to Real Estate?

The industry is always evolving so you have to learn and grow to stay on top of it.

What are your top 3 hobbies?

Baking, yoga, and golf.

What movie character would you be and why?

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She has the best friends that are always looking out for her, the wits to get through anything, and she goes on incredible adventures at the drop of a hat.