Bethany Ricks-Phillips


Buyer Specialist

Bethany moved all over as a Navy brat but then settled in Texas for the better part of childhood. She went to college in Utah, where she majored in home design, and still loves the limitless outdoor life offered by the mountains in that area. Bethany moved to AZ after college and has been in the construction and home design business her entire adult life. “My late husband and I ran a construction company during the big housing boom here in AZ called Silver Kitchens. We worked with most of the new home builders and did remodels for Costco Home.” In more recent years, she staged homes for realtors before deciding it was time to jump into the industry all the way.

When she’s not working, Bethany spends as much of her free time as possible with her 5 amazing kids and traveling with her husband. An activity that’s dear to her is doing volunteer work with teenagers and widows.

Fun Facts

What words do you live by?


Favorite quote:

"When you know better, you do better." -Maya Angelou

What's one goal you're constantly striving to achieve?

Everyday, my biggest goal is to be a better person that day than I was the day before. I love to learn new things and keep adding to who I am as a person. There is always room to learn more, be better, and live a fuller life.